Matías Tozzola

Winner: 2016 Composition Competition
Winning piece: Peina Catù, to be performed by the composer at Boston GuitarFest’s opening night concert, June 28, 2017.


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Matías is a multidisciplinary and versatile musician and producer, member of a generation of musicians who are looking for new forms of sound experimentation based on academic languages as well as popular and folk roots. His performances have taken him to distinguished stages in different countries of America and Europe as a soloist, member of, and composer for different music ensembles.

Starting to study classical guitar at the age of six, he graduated from the Superior Conservatory of Music “Manuel de Falla” with both guitar and composition degrees, where he received the highest marks. Among his teachers are Javier Gimenez Noble, Sergio Moldavsky, Gabriel Valverde and Haydee Schwartz. The search to expand his knowledge in different directions led him to study composition with Guillermo Klein and guitar with Ernesto Snajer, as well as to perform in the workshop directed by Ricardo Capellano, putting the emphasis on new ways of organizing the musical speech.

The search for a musical experience to be truly mobilizing led him and other colleagues to create the now prestigious company 7 Elephants. With this company they have performed more than 300 shows (mostly sold out) of ‘El Sueño de los Elefantes’, a spectacle of contemporary music where the public is lying down with their eyes covered. With a live and circular PA sound design, and a performance of musicians that includes actions among the public, the emphasis is not on the technical aspects or the resource, but on generating a ritual dimension of the spatial and musical experience.

As a composer, he has composed chamber music performed by different musicians, including the Buenos Aires Clarinet Quintet and Montserrat String Quartet. Some of these works have been published by Epsa Music. With a genuine interest in popular music and the philosophical knowledge of the American continent, he is a member of Peina Catú, a musical ensemble that is dedicated to playing original songs that mix jazz and rock elements with the rhythmic aspects of traditional music of the continent. As tango is another of his great passions, he plays in trio alongside with Dipi Kvitko and Felipe Traine, two of the greatest exponents of the genre with whom he has also accompanied a multitude of the most prestigious singers. Individually, he currently works as a session musician and record producer for various independent local artists

He performs as the first guitar of the Guitar Ensemble of the Manuel de Falla Conservatory, interpreting modern/20th century repertoire whose works include arrangements of Stravinsky’s “Petrushka,” Mussorgsky’s “Pictures…,”Ginastera’s “Danzas argentinas,” Manuel de Falla’s “El Amor Brujo,” as well as original works written especially for the ensemble.

Together with Chilean guitarist Mario Concha-Muñoz they created the Guitarists/Composers Encounter, a cycle that brings together some of the best guitarists of the Buenos Aires scene from diverse nationalities and different aesthetics. The contest proposes each musician to perform his own compositions as a soloist and as set of guitars.

>In 2014 the prestigious Ballet of the Argentinian Theatre commissioned him to write an original ballet that includes versions of rock songs. He performed the commission along with 7 Elephants culminating in eight live rock group presentations alongside the ballet. With this company they created and produced the first original video art for full-dome made integrally in the Argentina, with Nicolas Richat as film director. The work was called Luminaciones and is currently presented in the planetarium of the City of La Plata.
He has composed original music for cinema and numerous plays with outstanding presentations that include Teatro del Pueblo and Centro Cultural Kirchner. He has recently finished the composition and recording of the original music for the film “Messenger on a White Horse” together with Francisco Cabral, a documentary of British/Argentine co-production, awaiting presentation at the Sundance and Berlin Film Festivals.

Last but not least, understanding that it is essential to transmit the musical knowledge but also the enthusiasm and the passion for this art, he currently works conducting chamber music ensembles formed by music students in the Buenos Aires’s public art education system.